The devil - in romanian. In old romanian it ment dragon. Also the name of the romanian ruler, Vlad Dracul, that the Dracula novel of Bram Stoker was loosely based on.
Te ia mama dracului - The devil's mother shall have you
by Toranaga1984 December 16, 2008
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A place or situation that is so freaky or surreal that you would expect to see it in a low budget horror movie.
Man, would you look at this place? Its like extremely draculated.
by Recon777 June 3, 2009
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an extremely run-down dwelling that is full of completely random shit (knick-knacks/fifty year old newspapers/animal feces/etc). Usually populated either by a single old woman/man, or an entire extended family. Often these places contain a smell similar to old basement mixed with urine, and once entered, the smell attaches itself to a person and is extremely difficult to remove (just burn the clothes and move on).
my parents made me visit great aunt Wilma and, honest to god her house was so draculated it made me vomit.
by kentopiano February 23, 2010
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Evil, or bloodthirsty or something like tht
Vlad Dracul, yes tht was his REAL name. Vlad the Evil
by Jade May 10, 2004
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n. Someone who performs oral sex on a woman while she is menstrating.
Jana - Dude, Sicko! Rindy told me what you tried to do last night!
Skeevo - What?!?
Jana - Let's just say I'll be calling you Dracul from now on...
by F. Rodderick Hsu May 18, 2005
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When smashing a girl on her period you pull out and put your blood soaked dick in her mouth and climax.
Oh my god, my girl is on her period! I'm so draculating tonight!
by CumpsterBaby October 11, 2015
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