58 definition by Jade

taken from the word chink/chinky used by white people to discriminate chinese people and used by chinese people to define another chinese person.
i don't think he's korean,he's a chenk.
by Jade February 09, 2004

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when a pirate is holding a rag. *wink*
look at that ragar!! he should come mop my kitchen. *wink*
by Jade October 22, 2004

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a guy i can see myself with *forever* but dont acctually know if thats how its gona be, but i could see it happenin...
jade: hana, do you think me and korey will date for a long time?

hana: i think so! you never know.. he could be "the one"

jade: well, i seriously dont think i could dream up a guy as great as him so you never know...

hana: hmmmm...
by jade April 06, 2004

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Be Right Back
When Jeremy came over, Tyleria went in the other room and said "Bizzle Rizzle Bizazle" sadly, she never did return.
by Jade October 12, 2003

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ITs a game that lives up to its standards and have a better story line out there then most of those games out there...its the only game I know for right now or played that have decent characters and a old man that Everyones loves to beat the crap out of...for any button pushers out there they won't get passed round 2 on Ultra hard in Tekken 4.
The Tekken series lives up to its own standards.
by Jade July 05, 2003

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coolest freakin SITH LORD next darth maul. no one can compare to this dark lord of the force. And what the heck is up with an old fogey as an apprentice? what the heck is this crap!!!??? Get Count Dooku the heck outta here!!!
by jade June 21, 2003

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greatest rock legend of all time. MURDERED (probably by courtney love)...kurt is GOD.
evidence proving that he was murdered. tom grant murder case.
by Jade August 12, 2004

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