78 definitions by Jackie

ounkin- noun; pronounced (oon-kin)a boy normally exhibiting studly characteristics. This word's orgin reaches back to an online typo in mid 2006. It is most commonly used as a petname
My Mr. Sugar ounkin left me all by myselllllllffff
because the gestapo was going to burn his father.
by Jackie June 19, 2006
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are for strangers
hay what do you think this is some kinda stranger thing? take that shirt off!! shirts are for STRANGERS!
by Jackie April 06, 2003
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Respect. Every Jamaican I know says this is what it means.
What are you doing later?
I'm takin my girl out for dinner.
Irie mon.
by Jackie January 17, 2005
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The name of the hottest person ever to live.
Ooooh, that Jacalin is so fine!
by Jackie January 18, 2005
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