78 definitions by Jackie

A person who lacks almost compelete skills at video games
My friend is so lame at video games, they can't even get past the 1st level of Super Mario Bros!
by Jackie March 02, 2004
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Bobby held Susies arms up while Dan tickled her arpits.
by Jackie March 12, 2005
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1) some asshole made it up and now it's a racist saying

2) at the park on "the box" someone wrote asian pride
Yellow Boy: Yeah GGG JIN?
Jack: Motherfucker yo, yellow pride, lets go kill some whities tonight
Yellow Boy: Sure man
by Jackie November 16, 2003
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A combination of the words child and mullet= Chullet
That boy has the sickest chullet i want to chop it off.
by Jackie November 15, 2004
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oen of the dance moves in the super fun dance song cha cha slide (that i don't know how to do)
**dancing to the cha cha slide**
"do the charlie brown"
*everyone stands around akwardly*
by Jackie June 03, 2005
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One of the most impressive skaters, and he is so damn sexy, and just has that aura that makes you want to just jump into the television and kiss him!!
have a look for yourself.. i think anybody would agree!
by Jackie October 12, 2003
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when some one dosent last long!!
when spidy dosent last long!!!!you know who im talking about!!!!!!1
by Jackie June 12, 2003
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