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1- *FRIDGE; - ph-ry-dJG ; verb- the action of destroying or assassinating a persons anus with a penis of considerable magnitude often resembling a 57 bus. The action, ususally performed in a violatory sense, produces the aftermath of either one of the following symptoms; laseration and/or complete tearing of the anal orifice, the dissemination of part or the entirety of the subjects' internal organs where the giant girder cock forced its entry, and/or the complete annihliation of the victims existance to the extent where it would be more appropriate to use the remains to bury the compost that would have been used to otherwise bury the remains.

2- As above but via a huge hit during a Football game.

3- Literally a Football player of such magnitude that he resembles a walking samsung fridge/freezer combo.
"Yeah that was insane bro, but I think that might have been illegal you crazy fridge."
by triplescience April 24, 2009
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An extremely cool person, the phrase was coined by BriBry (A YouTuber with 21,000+ subscribers) on a blogTV show in April 2011.
Rory: Gemma, yer a feckin' fridge.
Gemma: Rory, I know.
Almha: EH LADS! I'm a feckin' fridge too ye know.
Rory and Gemma: Nah Almha, yer a feckin' farmer.
Alhma: :(
by jack.spriggs April 25, 2011
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A girl who is frigid and only hangs out with girls. Perhaps the date, but they are too scared to do anything.

They also are overly sacarstic.
Gage: Who went on that hike?

Nathan: Just a bunch of fridges.
by badprince September 25, 2009
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place to store cold drinks and food

since when do u keep ice-cream in da fridge
im going to the fridge to get a refreshing drink
by Alx June 12, 2004
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someone who hasn't got on (french kissed) anyone yet.
leigha is stil a fridge would u beleive it.
by bex March 23, 2005
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