1.) The father of rock-n-roll-styled drumming

2.) A human tempo machine

3.) The best drummer in Liverpool

3.) The lovably "sad" voice behind "Yellow Submarine," "With a Little Help from My Friends," and "Octopus's Garden"
4.) The reason "Hard Day's Night" exists, in any format

5.) A giant nose with a skinny, stoned Brit attached to it

7.) A precious cinnamon bun that must be protected at all costs

8.) The ONLY Mr. Conductor

9.) Savior of Pepperland, Defeater of the Blue Meanies, and magnet for "Unidentified Flying Cupcakes"

10.) The most popular Beatle in the U.S. at the height of the band's fame

11.) The guy who that one Animaniac's voice is a spoof of

12.) The Steve Buscemi of rock; in that, he has a reputation as "the funny lookin' loser," but the informed know he's a genius, and he has plenty of fangirls
This "Thomas the Tank Engine" crackfic must be read in Ringo Starr's voice.
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Starr originated from the band 'Rory Storm and the Hurricanes' and replaced Pete Best as drummer in 1962 due to reservations expressed by George Martin towards Best and with this concern in mind The Beatles replace Pete Best altogether with Richard Starky, working under the pseudonym Ringo Starr. Starr's drumming style played a pivotal role in the music played and recorded by The Beatles and then went on to establish a new approach to rhythm in popular music that some claim continues to grow in its significance and influence with every decade since The Beatles recorded their music. Starr is left-handed yet plays a right-handed kit; his tendency to lead with his left hand contributes to his distinctive drumming style. Lennon described Starr as being the "heart" of the Beatles. Starr is also considered to have advanced various modern drumming techniques (for playing and recording) such as the matched grip, placing the drums on high risers for visibility as part of the band, tuning the drums lower, and using muffling devices on tonal rings, along with his general contributions to The Beatles as a whole. Specific drum parts executed by Starr in notably signature fashion include the fill that brings the drums and bass guitar into "Hey Jude", the steady rock and roll beats in "Some Other Guy" and other early Beatles recordings, the drum kit pattern through the bridge of "Hello, Goodbye", and the driving bass drum notes found in "Lady Madonna", underlying the more intricate, double-tracked snare drum.
Ringo Starr is not only a bloody awesome drummer but a bloody great guy.
by Katchia November 25, 2006
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A drummer in the legendary rock group the Beatles. Born in Liverpool, England, Starr's real name is Richard Starkey.
I wish I could be an amazing drummer like Ringo Starr.
by PrettierThanYourGF January 2, 2016
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a.k.a. Rongo. The world's greatest Rock 'N' Roll drummer. Musician, actor, painter, photographer, and songwriter. Played the drums for the best, The Beatles.

"Ringo was simply the best drummer in Liverpool. Ringo also had native wit. He didn't know when he was being funny. Ringo Talked in titles. We had to follow him around with a notebook and pencil. You never know what he would say next." -- Paul McCartney
Ringo was born July 7th, 1940.
by Jearcy October 13, 2004
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The drummer for the Beatles, which was the most influential band of all time. Everybody tries taking cheap shots at him because he didn't write too many songs during his tenure, and didn't play super-fast. Little do they know that he was the first Beatle to make a #1 hit in post-Beatle work. Truly underrated as a musician.
Eric Clapton once said he doesn't think any of us can play drums like Ringo Starr did in A Day in the Life.
by An Anon May 17, 2009
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Drumer for the famous band "The Beatles", Has an oddly large nose that stands out.
"Ringo was the greatest drummer in my opinion"
by Bexeh! January 8, 2004
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