9 definitions by Jack Nicholson

A shop that is opposite.
"I'll go to that shopposite tomorrow morn' and purchase some fine boots"
by Jack Nicholson February 12, 2020
A very rare bread of beautiful yet hilariously funny women
'That supermodel had me in hysterics, she is such an Isobel'
by Jack Nicholson March 14, 2004
Word used to describe a child which resembles a plant.
"Damn, that girls mumma musta been a cactus!"
by Jack Nicholson June 8, 2004
Dustpan & Brush. A simple case of mixed up words of Sales staff in computer environments.
"Where's the mouse and keyboard?"
"The what? It's attatched to the computer"
"No the mouse and key... oh wait I mean the dustpan and brush"
by Jack Nicholson February 16, 2006
Someone who quotes the funniest of funny quotes to draw attention away from the hatred of their own name.
Scrampthip - "It was simply a bad fortnight!"

John - "You're such a Kuko"
by Jack Nicholson February 16, 2004
Term used when Snowboarding when the boarder and the snow collide at high velocity, as Wipeout is to a Surfer and Bail is to a Skateboarder.
"Awwwwwww shit, that mother Prom Queened real bad, that gonna hurt!"
by Jack Nicholson June 8, 2004
If you describe a person Pipe Layable, then it is stating that you wish "Lay Some Pipe" on them, meaining you yourself have to have some "Pipe" to lay, inside a Pipe Layable's "Pipe Lining". Derived from Victor from Big Brothers quote, "You can call me the Plumber, you know what I'm saying, I like to lay the pipe on the women"
Abbriviated to "PL"
Damn that Girl is a real Pipe Layable
Shit that is a one Pipe Layable Lady
by Jack Nicholson June 8, 2004