1.To be decked out in shiny and sparkling jewelry.
2.To have parts of one’s hair lightened, typically the tips. Similar to highlights.
3.To be high on stimulants.
4.To be angry.
5.To have a white glaze over, such as frosted glass or frosted donuts.
1. Alexandria sure looks frosted to night with all those sparkling diamonds.
2. Pat looks as if he got his hair frosted.
3. John is getting himself frosted on drugs.
4. Howard became frosted at the site of his wrecked car.
6. You can't see clearly though frosted glass.
by OneBadAsp October 24, 2006
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Decent quality Marijuana characterized by a plethora of crystals despite not having a fancy strain name...(Diesel, Kush, Chocolope).

See also: frosties
"Yo, I got some frosts, only $40 for an eighth..."

"Awww man, I'm tired of smoking on the frosts...I want sum Kushage!

Those nugz are some straight frosts, yo!
by HerbLife June 4, 2009
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The white film/residue that is left after a female ejaculates all over a penis. When dried up, the penis becomes a frosted covered sausage.
Man, I was bangin' this crazy wet bitch. She frosted my cock!
by CurtainOfBeef June 15, 2011
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another way to say that you are high off weed.
yo Jeff you good man? you look mad frost (high) the face expression can be

- day dreamin
- lost
by spaceboy 85 May 24, 2009
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An amazing person, they are always there for you and will always have your back, if you asked for them, they'll be right there beside you to help with whatever you need, they don't mind any nicknames like Frosty etc, they are just an amazing friend to defend you.
Oh shit, it's Frost, they are amazing, they helped me with homework yesterday.
by McFloppySloppy October 18, 2020
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a crack head who may or may not be an autistic downy. You'll usually see clips on him floating around twitter laughing and clapping like an utter retard which further proves my case that he most likely is autistic. Hes also part of the most cancerous community on the gaming platform called "The Mob". You'll usually see them spamming LMFAOOOOOO to everything this idiot Froste does when he in fact is the most unfunniest corn ball on the platform alone.
Kyle: Did you see that funny clip of Froste?

Josh: You mean that kid who clearly has autism? i don't laugh at disabled people."
by Gary5569 March 2, 2020
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