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A term used in the South Park movie, first by Terrance and Philip. Used as an insult, meaning your face is shit and you are the master of cock
You are a shitface Cockmaster
by JV May 09, 2004

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when a man eats a girl/woman's cake
by jv February 06, 2003

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an unattractive or especially nerdy woman with large breasts
There goes big boobs Bertha!
by jv April 09, 2005

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AKA Mustang, the biggest piece of shit on the road driven by queers and anal pirates/some dumb bitches
HA! look at that Shitstang, man it sucks
by JV May 13, 2004

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the act of rearing back an erect penis and slapping someone in the forhead with it.
HAHA i just gave her a spligger
by jv May 31, 2004

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the act of whiping the sweat from your nuts onto someones face, wetting there face with nutsweat
HOLY SHIT, i just gave him a slimer.
by jv May 31, 2004

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someone with the combined qualities of a bish and a lush
Like whoa she is such a bishlush!
by jV February 03, 2004

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