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A car ashtray that has been repurposed as a coinholder.
Here comes another toll - open the cashtray!
by JRob July 01, 2005
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A corporate advertisement that extols the company's environmental record or policies - usually by a company known to rape and pillage the environment as often as possible.
Abe: Have you seen those new commecials by the oil companies that show how good they are for the environment?

Babe: They are pure eco porn, man.
by JRob October 04, 2005
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A person who makes a living by predicting disasters and worst-case scenarios.
Guy1: What's the news, man?

Guy2: Bird Flu, terrorists, hurricanes, global warming, the price of gasoline and natural gas and electricity skyrocketing, death toll in Iraq . . .

Guy1: Boy, the dread merchants are busy lately!
by JRob November 07, 2005
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A honeymoon in which the bride and groom also bring their children from previous marriages.
With three birthdays, a wedding and a "familymoon," we've had a lot of celebrations in our family lately.
by JRob October 07, 2005
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gran-DIL-uh-kwuhnt, adjective:
Lofty in style; pompous; bombastic. Full of fine words and fancy expressions - marked by the use of impressive-sounding but mostly meaningless words and phrases.
He became more than usually grandiloquent as if to make up for the years of silence with words of gold.
by JRob July 26, 2006
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An unusually strong fear of Iraq, especially its ability to manufacture and use biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. (A play on arachnophobia, an unusually strong fear of spiders.)
Now that September is here, President Bush can launch his "initial public offering" of stock in his newest product, Iraqnophobia.
by JRob October 05, 2005
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An office setup in which mobile workers do not have permanent desks or cubicles and so must reserve a workspace when they come into the office.
Consultant #1: I spend so much time at customer sites that I don't need an office.

Consultant #2: Welcome to the Wild World of Hotelling!
by JRob October 26, 2005
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