A really good game that everyone should try that actually is easy and hard. Also, things females say when something is old.
That was so last year. Get with the timezzz
by Swago1200 January 16, 2019
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Tom and Jill are at the grocery store when Tom's ex-girlfriend Brady shows up:

-Hi Tom! How are you doing?
-I'm fine, thank you! Brady, this is my girlfriend Jill.
-Hi Jill! I'm Brady, last year's model.
<ensuing awkwardness>
by fabianb February 13, 2010
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When asked the date, providing the previous year instead of the current year. Most common in January.
I just wrote January 2nd 2015 instead of 2016. Damn you last year syndrome!
by ManMan36 January 8, 2016
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Unkempt lady's bush, sprouting spiders' legs, possibly sporting a stale, musty odour.
She doesn't look like she takes care of herself; I bet her bush is like last year's hanging basket.
by Kirkpatrick77 July 31, 2013
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everything happened halfway through last year.

- halfway through last year.
"my bird died halfway through last year"
"i got braces halfway through last year"
"i fractured my pinky halfway through last year"
by halfwaythroughlastyear April 26, 2022
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a musical play written in the late 90's by Jason Robert Brown. It tells the story of one couple's failed relationship told through the eyes of both the male and the female, Jamie and Cathy. Jamie tells the story in correct chronological order, whilst Cathy tells it in reverse order, starting with the "dear jane..." letter that is written to her by Jamie at the end of the play.
"The Last Five Years was performed at the theater loft last weekend, my friend Chris starred in it.
by john the tearer August 9, 2004
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