(v.) The act of traveling from house to house with the intent of sampling food and beverage from a feast, usually done during days of celebration: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah (or any other Jewish holiday), Diwali, high school graduations, and Larry Flynt's Birthday. Before departure from a house, a single person must accompany the convoy to the next house. The goal is to have all members of a social circle in one house before the evening's end, and to have sampled all food from every participating residence.
Josh: "I'm in the mood for Filipino food."
Johnny: "Well, let's go pick up Nate and go house-hopping to CJ's and Mike's."
Josh: "Dude, this is going to be the best All-Saints Day ever!"
Johnny: "Word."
by josh November 16, 2003
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You go from house to house, and spend the night at different ones.

someone who doesn't really have a house, who just goes from house to house and mooches off everyone else.
My friend is a mooch who likes to house hop.
by moocher12345 August 2, 2009
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sugarhouse hopping is an activity practiced in the spring time in areas that maple syrup is produced. to sugar house hop one travels from sugarhouse to sugarhouse visiting friends and often pitching in and helping carry sap, stoke the arch, change the filters in the filter press or help caning the maple syrup. sometimes but not required are the sharing of good eats and beverages, and after a stay of an hour or 2 you migrate on to the next sugarhouse that is still boiling sap.
person# 1 hay it's maple sugaring season, lets go sugar house hopping

person #2 whose sugar house are we gonna start at?

person #1lets start the night at buba j's, we'll toss back a few brewskis while helping buba boil sap.
by da partay April 3, 2011
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If two shot-houses are near to each other; usually connected by adjoining property, nearby parking, or related ownership. This allows participants to walk between the two without having to drive.
Ryan: That backyard dog makes a great bouncer for this Shot-House Hopping event. If you walk to close to it while you are drunk it's chain trips you on your face!
Dana: That's what makes the difference between a Hopping and a crawl!
Ryan: (Drunk, Rolling on the ground laughing)
by T3CHN0PH0B3 September 11, 2021
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