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1. An arabic word meaning medal of honour.
2. Also a widely used name for both sexes.
Wisam is my best firend.
by wmr July 16, 2006
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Wisam is a bloody retard when it comes to anything, whether it be math (which he managed to fail), he is a locally developed fuck and he is big gæ as he follows James Charles and his girl is a transgender his retarded doings are commonly referred to as Thē Wįšãm Ėffêćt and not to mention his dad is also following in his footsteps and has commenced to pray the wrong way and not acknowledge what retarded actions he is doing.
Guy 1: Oh look it’s Wisam's dad but why is he praying the wrong way?
Guy 2: Because he is clearly fallen a victim to the Thē Wįšãm Ėffêćt.
by Mr.Baig May 20, 2019
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worst anything ever
Also, major and uncontrollable infatuation for George W. Bush
you're a wisam (If someone calls you this, punch the guy back in the nose, unless you're eating khubuz
by Mustafa April 04, 2005
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