22 definitions by JH

A super sexy hot man. Wonderful... He is like a GOD!!!
Jorge Aguilar makes my pussy sooooo wet!
by JH March 8, 2005
Little-Fat-Kid. A tubby little child who will grow up to be a Fatty. Also referred to by hot MILFS as a "Gordo".
That LFK has to weigh 200 pounds, and he's only 7 years old. Come here Gordo!!
by JH March 13, 2003
what a doik
by JH January 13, 2004
large, great. (dialect, dorset uk)
- girt big donkey dick
- girt smelly cheese
by JH January 3, 2004
The act of hovering your testicles over an individual, and slowing lowering down until one testicle falls into each eye socket, resembling goggles which may or may not have originated in lebenon.
"My buddy was passed out on the floor, so we decided to to administer some lebenese eye goggles for our entertainment, and photo opportunities."
by JH January 18, 2005
adj. Heavily inebriated. Publicly intoxicated. Drunk. Inconsistent.
I was totally Griese after those 25 beers last night.
by JH March 13, 2003
Underachiever. Loser. Hopeless Case. Lost Cause. One Without Hope.
by JH March 13, 2003