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a non-taboo replacement for fuck. (tv series, 'Farscape')

note: rarely used in the sense, "to engage in sexual intercourse".
- we're all frelled.
- what the frell?
- frell!
by jh January 03, 2004

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coolest character ever. most over-quoted character ever.
Philosophy teacher writes on board,
"Do or do not, there is no try."
He says, "does anyone know who said this?"
*every hand goes up*
by jh March 14, 2005

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large, great. (dialect, dorset uk)
- girt big donkey dick
- girt smelly cheese
by jh January 03, 2004

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The act of hovering your testicles over an individual, and slowing lowering down until one testicle falls into each eye socket, resembling goggles which may or may not have originated in lebenon.
"My buddy was passed out on the floor, so we decided to to administer some lebenese eye goggles for our entertainment, and photo opportunities."
by jh January 17, 2005

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Military slang for 'yes sir' or 'agreed'
Get tactical Marines!
by JH November 15, 2004

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Any uninteresting conversation that pertains to: TRP Levels, Rep Firms, Prime Ratings, Makegoods, Added Value, Ratings Books, Rankers, Bump Rates, or Weddings.
by JH March 12, 2003

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adj. Heavily inebriated. Publicly intoxicated. Drunk. Inconsistent.
I was totally Griese after those 25 beers last night.
by JH March 12, 2003

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