Clipper - Noun

Although holding other definitions, a 'clipper' is a slang term for a gun (mostly used in the UK, mainly East London). Referring to how a 'clip' (magazine) is loaded into a gun and the way a gun operates (it 'clips')
Example 1
guy: ay fam ill run up on dem yutes with the clipper unoe

Example 2

guy : we got them clippers! I aint playing!
by mrlubbalubba987 June 8, 2015
We like to use the word "CLIPPER" in place of the "C" word as we find that this is far more socially acceptable and less offensive.
You Clipper.....

You are a CLIPPER....

That bloke is an absolute CLIPPER.....
by im not a clipper October 13, 2009
Underachiever. Loser. Hopeless Case. Lost Cause. One Without Hope.
by JH March 13, 2003
The process in sex in which you fist your girlfriend/partner/boyfriend's asshole and pinch their insides either with your index finger and thumb or with your knuckles.
I was fisting my girlfriend last night and decided to make it a clipper
by Nick Borsin January 14, 2011
they were supposed to be good but blew a 3-1 lead and didn’t even make conference finals lol Paul George is bad and he has two first names
the clippers suck
by hey buddy 111 October 5, 2020
The act of sneaking up on someone with a clipper (that is, one of those electric haircutting things) and shaving a portion of their hair, often making the one that was clipperized very angry and making everyone around laugh quite hilariously.
Bonus points are given for clipperizations near the front of the head or any other easily seen place. A victim of clipperization often must completely shave their head or otherwise make themselves not look insane.
There is a common protection against clipperization: the hat.
Many people in Jackass: The Movie were clipperized.

Clipperization victim: Dude, what the hell did you do to my head?
Clipperizer: Go look in a mirror, mate. You look so stupid.
by Edabite June 11, 2006
The act of losing an NBA playoff Series when you had a commanding 3 games to 1 lead. ie: LA Clippers

Never being able to advance to the Conference Finals.
"That 3-1 lead was seemingly unsurmountable, but hold on, they are Clippering."
by Wineberserker May 18, 2015