verb: The act of giving a "nelson" while receiving a "hafen"
Rob was soo drunk last night. The last thing he remembers was doin the aguilar in a public bathroom
by JamieSZ November 2, 2007
Aguilaring: (verb) not doing shit to help at the campout. Instead hanging out with the kids and napping
Those three teachers should have stayed home last night if they were just going to be Aguilaring
by Iagosdad February 11, 2018
When you stay inside all day and do nothing instead of going out and having fun with other people. Cabin fever may ensue after pulling too many consecutive Aguilars.
Mike: Where is Josh?

Stephen: I heard he was pulling an Aguilar.

Mike: I'll call him. *calls* Hey Josh, you're pulling a major Aguilar today! Why don't you come hang out with us?

Josh: No! You guys are faggots. I'm gonna stay here and pull an Aguilar for the rest of the day!
by Faguilar September 28, 2012
The Aguilar Legend started back in the early 1300s in Spain when a man named Andres Aguilar had to save his dying family from the deadly plague. One night he and his friends were drunk and they found that Andres had a large penis size. They thought that he could make money off the thing and pay a doctor to cure his family. Andres thought it was brilliant too! The Aguilar Legend is that every male decendant of the Aguilar family has a large penis.
The Aguilar Legend is known to have reached as far west as California. A great example is Enrique Aguilar from Barcelona.
by Lord Juan January 2, 2015
A guy with a funny caring and cute Personality who loves making others smile so he could smile himself and a really big dick
Girl1: hey I met some one called angel Aguilar

Girl2:he must be funny and have a big dick
by Angel Aguilar May 22, 2017
A cool dog who likes anime and sucks at everything else( jk dude it’s a joke)
Evan Aguilar: a cool kid who likes anime and gaming and is good at school
by Supercock man October 27, 2020