256 definition by JESUS

See shit. Only function in life to be used to Download a new Browser & OS.
"I have to go take an IE."
by Jesus February 07, 2005

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Can't we all just get along? Do we have to be so hateful?
Rush Limbaugh is one of the many hateful people living in America.
by Jesus November 12, 2003

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a girl with a penis
your moms a she-male
by Jesus June 06, 2003

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An acronym that stands for Cackling Aloud With Gusto
After John tripped and landed in the deep fryer we were all CAWG
by Jesus September 17, 2003

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Gay guys that go around looking for male ass.
your dads a rump ranger
by Jesus June 06, 2003

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Actually, to point out to you above me, Fry didn't fall into the freezing machine, but he was pushed (litterally blown) into the machine by Nibbler (Leela's pet who is actually an alien sent back in time to have fry save the world from the evil brains "Insane in the membrain" is quoted from one brain as they were in the gaint memory bank from the brain.)
fry is a character in Futurama, a cartoon by Matt Groening based on life on the earth in the future
by Jesus May 05, 2005

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a person who thinks they're jamacain, but really are not at all. They always have a really bad accent.
A:Ay, mon, let's git dis partay started!
B:Shut your fucking mouth, u ja-fake-an
by Jesus January 08, 2005

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