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Commonly known as the belly button, mentioned in the austin power movie
'oooooooooohhh, right in the mummy daddy button'
by JESUS February 15, 2005
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To go out and replenish your drug supply.
"We've only got a little bud left, but we're about to go re up."
by JESUS November 2, 2003
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Trend-following wannabes who add lots of badly made aftermarket parts to their Japanese imports in an attempt to make said import look fast. These people are usually teenagers mired in the suburbian quagmire that are forced to make their cars "custom" by doing the same thing all their ignorant little friends do. Note that none of the modifications commonly done by these idiots actually improves the car in any way.
Girl 1: Oh, look at that ricer, his car is so cute!

Girl 2: Yeah, almost as cute as his tiny little nuts
by JESUS September 23, 2003
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Deemed Noisy Morons With Noisy Cars Society by the Association of People Who Don’t Care What Letters in Acronyms Stand For
by JESUS September 17, 2003
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One of the shittest places ever, filled with twats (apart from Perry ) esher is better and the girls are buff.
"i go to richmond"
!Quick let's jump the fucker!"
by JESUS February 17, 2004
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riot grrl was a musical feminist movent.. sorta. that came out with bands like the amazing Bikini Kill,L7 etc..

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH "RIOT GIRL" which is a fucking song by good charlotte or something.
those riot grrls would kick your ass for saying that steve
by JESUS December 18, 2003
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