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French slang for "cool". Usually when an object, event, or person warrants the description of cool. Only used for sincere purposes.

*NB. Often used in conjunction with totes, to express a particularly "cool" for which a simple chouette would not suffice.
1. Dance pizzles are so chouette -- we should have one right now!

2. Juliana's riot into the door was totes chouette -- nothing will ever top that moment!
by Rukku February 16, 2004
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As above, Super! or Great! is a better translation. It's also the French word for 'owl'
You're so chouette!

Regardez, une chouette!
by Benlol January 30, 2008
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(Sh' wet) Pertains to anything that is cool or to anything that you would consider awesome; sick/ wicked
Example: She was Chouette, but I wouldn't date her.
by Jack Dunbar April 26, 2008
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Just to add to the definition, chouette isn't exactly the equivalent of cool, in fact I'd say it's more the equivalent of "super!" (in the gay way, you know, like saying tummy instead of gut.
Oh my gosh Becky! Those shoes are so chouette!
by mrpopenfresh August 26, 2005
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