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riot grrl was a musical feminist movent.. sorta. that came out with bands like the amazing Bikini Kill,L7 etc..

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH "RIOT GIRL" which is a fucking song by good charlotte or something.
those riot grrls would kick your ass for saying that steve
by Jesus December 17, 2003
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giant mall where sailors try to get laid but cant and theres plenty of place to eat or shop. or bum around.
(used in sentence) "when i was in gurnee mills the other day i saw this kid in baggy pants walkin around, and abunch of sailors tryin to get some, but failing
by jesus November 24, 2003
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The best band ever, started be Jerry only and glenn danzig. everything they sing is great.
Best band ever made, ever
by jesus April 26, 2004
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your dick
your mom sucks your spooge rifle
by Jesus June 06, 2003
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Fans of Mindless Self Indulgence, not just white people.
Mindless Crackers 4 life, bitches!
by Jesus July 30, 2004
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an ugly bird traditionally eaten on thanksgiving.
"I like a bit of turkey"
by Jesus April 22, 2003
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Definition: What Would Hilary Duff Do?

This phrase can be used by a group or individual when trying to make a difficult decision. This pop star/actress can be a great role model for anyone! So next time you're in a dilema, just think: What would Hilary Duff Do?
Person #1: "Hey, man."
Person #2: "Hey, what's up? You look down. What's wrong?"
Person #1: "Well, some friends keep trying to peer pressure me into taking drugs. I don't know what to do."
Person #2: "Well, that's easy! Just think...WWHDD?"
Person #1: "Wow! Thanks for the advice!"
Person #2: "No problem!"
by Jesus August 06, 2004
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