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The opposite of whatever is said after it.
She's plow fine. Actually means she's ugly.
by JESUS October 11, 2003
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large penis, preferrably one which is in some way deformed
my ponrod has an extra nut attached
by JESUS April 26, 2003
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adj. Different useage of the word pwn.
When I go to play Couter-Strike with my hacks on, I poon noobs.
by JESUS April 14, 2005
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n. Someone who is better than others at some sort of activity.
Man that guy is a pooner, he destroyed their whole team!
by JESUS April 14, 2005
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American mixed-up slang for "Pune Tang".

Traditionally describes the exoticly erotic women from Pune, India renound for their delicious sexual appetite and amazingly talented and tasty vaginas (tang).

pune tang
Lets all go to Pune kids for some tang!

Yay, Tang!!!
by JESUS October 04, 2003
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a particular squeaky type of fart often resulting in a mild smell.
that fart was a poot!
by JESUS July 24, 2003
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