256 definition by JESUS

Makes a random sentance cooler. Follow these instructions:

1. Start off with a random sentance like "So, I was walking down the street yesterday and..."

2. Add 'gore,' in a gruff, harsh voice.
So, do you remember when GORRRRRRE!
by jesus January 12, 2004

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a color were you can't be seen. To blend in. A persons name.
My friend Camoflauge has a camoflauge truck, so the police can't see him ride threw the hood.
by jesus November 16, 2003

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Ryan Nelis' Hair style!
Wow I hate people with PADS!
by Jesus April 23, 2003

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the ultimate highest bootifulist sex godess in ashmore park!
muz rules all ova sex god/godess 's and is the seifulist! :P
by jesus April 14, 2005

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1.A mexican or latin person
2.An annoying person
1.That guy making my burrito is hispandex.
2.Shut your face you hispandex!
by Jesus March 18, 2005

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God's gift to the world.
Oh my Fug!

Fug damnit!!
by Jesus January 17, 2005

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likes to kill people and bury little kittens that he killed into shallow graves.
Im going to Hazlett you kitty.
by Jesus June 04, 2003

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