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Commonly known as the belly button, mentioned in the austin power movie
'oooooooooohhh, right in the mummy daddy button'
by Jesus February 15, 2005

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A name given to a word which is a mixture of two insults to create another (e.g. smacktard). Named so after the creation of the word, this word became a common name for words used in a similair way. See Jagon and faggot
Smacktard is a form of jaggotry.

Steve is a jaggot.
by Jesus April 23, 2004

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Deepthroat, when your bitch gives you head
Hey kelly your a DT
by JESUS April 26, 2003

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A mixture of gun and punishment, forming the type of punishment with the word punishment.
Man, these people dont just need punishment... they need gunishment
by jesus April 25, 2004

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Like fag, insult to gay people, or to non gay people, hey it can aplly to anyone who is a dick.
See dick, retard, moron, faggot, gaylord, cock muncher], whore.
Fagon means all of those over spiteful phrases combined, reserved for only the most filthy scum of the earth (people).
A lot of people are fagons.
by Jesus March 24, 2004

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another word for chouette
that shirt is so cook!
by Jesus November 07, 2003

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A porno magazine
I beat off to Hustler
by Jesus June 06, 2003

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