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A very respectable 2 door sports car capable of handing an domestic v-6 there ass's and with minimum modifications. Most Mx6 owners love their cars and pride themselves on not being obnoxious import ricers. Most often trashed talked by ricer honda owners and slow, heavy, domestic V-6's mx6 owner believe in "don't get mad just smoke um"
"My stang will tear u up yo"
20 seconds or so elapse....
"wow man I can't belive my stang lost to an automatic mx6 dang yo"
"I have more stickerz the u and a bigger system type r dog" followed by
"Dam i thought mazdas sucked...gotta get more stickerz"
by Michael McBrearty November 10, 2003
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A beautiful, semi-rare underrated car of the late eighties to mid nineties. Sadly it's underappreciated by today's brand of jive-talking, ignorant ricers.
Ryan drives an MX-6. He must have a huge wang!
by Ryan July 05, 2004
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A two door sports coupe based on the 626 chassis. Early models (88-92) came with either a 2.2 Liter n/a inline 4 cylinder (LX,LE) or a torque monster 2.2 Liter Turbocharged inline 4 cylinder(GT). Late models (93-97) came available with either a 2.5 Liter V-6(GT) or a 2.0 Liter inline 4 cylinder(RS). Both generations demand respect from all cars on the road. The GT models of both generations are capable of taking just about any domestic or foreign v-6 with little or no modifications.
My turbo MX6 has torque steer like a mother f***er off the line.

I can't believe my v-6 mustang just got owned by that v-6 mx6, wtf!!!

With the classy lines and smooth revving KL03, you can't go wrong in buying a MX6 GT.
by Nick Owens July 05, 2004
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A two door 626, just lighter so that make it alittler fast a great car unless you get stuck with a ford cd4e tranny :( other then that v6+5spd= Zoom Zoom
Whats that? and fake miata...yeah it is..........Ohhh snap your car is fast I never saw a miata like that, no fag its a mx-6 didnt you see the rear of my car or were you to focused on your Nawwws bottle?
by Patrick(max626) July 05, 2004
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A car that can run 14 second quarter miles stock.
The mx6 also has 4 wheel steering and gets no respect from most large spoilered civic drivers.
MX6~ comes with 200-205 hp stock( the k series anyway), 4 wheel steering, and a nice looking body.
civic~ comes with enough hp to make it up a slight incline(at best), built to be economical for the average grocery shopping small family.
by 4564 May 06, 2007
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A very quick, torquy little coupe that cannot be truely appreciated unless driven. GTs hated by hords of Hondas that have been smoked. ** The only true four wheel steer wonder of the street.
" You've got a what?"
"I wasn't ready, I'll take you at the next light"
(looking at the rear wheels steer) "Do that again.."
by Animal July 06, 2004
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verb: To go fast, to produce as much torque as 8 honduhs, To add style to a carpark, to hand a ricerboy his ass on a plate.
ie, Hey Hondaboy, you've just been MX6ed! This F18 needs to be mx6ed.
by crusty July 05, 2004
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