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A perticularly large poo, one that should it be dropped would register on the richter scale. Often used in the context of stupidity.
A: Oh my god, i cant believe you just ate that browner.

B: That guy just did a browner in my fish pond!
by JESUS March 25, 2004
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A really cool town in New Jersey. As seen in previous definitions, a common theme in this town is just to make fun of it and hate on it. These people are idiots and have nothing better to do. It is a cool town with cool people for the most part and is within driving distance of lots of good things to do.
"Oh this town is SSSOOO lame, there's NNOOOTTTHHHING to do!!! wah wah!"
by JESUS February 12, 2005
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one totaly rad skateboard crew. fun, freinds, art, retardedness and of coarce skateboarding.
milkdust is gnarly
by JESUS December 11, 2003
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Using lesbian relationships as an exploitation for money or fame.
The preformers T.A.T.U are totally using lesploitation for album sales.
by JESUS August 20, 2003
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The most unusual name in the world, and a synonym for "Beauty of God".
"Hey, there's Indraroop - isn't he gorgeous?!!"
by JESUS April 18, 2005
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