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Short for Whore
Man, she is such a hoe.
by JAD December 13, 2003

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The sensation felt when your best web developer and friend leaves the company you work for.

See Also: maudlin
"Why is that guy standing there with a database & dll, and looking around in confusion?"

"Hmm, perhaps he's suffering from Phantom Front-End-Guy"
by jad September 25, 2003

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Often sunonimous with getting off on two or more female partners as they lie nude and one cums all over their stomachs, leaving a sticky white substance. Then proceeds to write his first name on one girl and last name on the other.
Those two bitches got chalk boarded last night. See my name is on their stomachs.
by JAD October 06, 2003

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When in the 69 position, you proceed to plug all of the woman's body cavities.
I'm gunna plug her shit tonight
by JAD October 06, 2003

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1)The sexiest, richest, pimptacular people in the world. Origionated from the country of Lebanon.
Lebanese people don't take shit from anyone. Drive BMW's and Benz's usually seen picking up girls are clubs.
DAMN! I wish i could be lebanese!
by Jad November 11, 2004

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