A dynamic link library that contains functions that other programs can execute freely. There are a few uses for dlls...

1. Sometimes programmers create dlls with a complex language so other programmers working with a easy language can make their program load the dll and enjoy some benefits of the more complex language.

2. Sometimes they are created so instead of having a huge main file the central program can be a small core and call it's main functions through dlls.
Don't delete those fucking dlls, other programs fucking need them.
by andrewmc August 17, 2005
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Annoying ass files that screw up and don't let me run programs and end up crashing my computer!
oh shit! rundl.dll won't work and now i have to reformat my compupter! god damn you, dll!
by Nexus November 29, 2004
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Drunk Lesbian Lovers

bitches that fake drunk, WANNA be whores, and are totally obnoxious because they think guys are attracted to them.
by getatmeeeeee69 January 27, 2011
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DLL is a Acronym for the sentence don't Lewd Lolis (Lolis Being Japanese discourse or media pertaining to the attraction of young looking cute girls that blend slightly erotic characteristics to form this intriguing sub culture) so please, leave your erotic imagination to women of age
Caleb: Yo, have you seen how Sexy Kanna is?
Logan: Yo man DLL, for real bro, your kinda creepy
by McFlurryCo October 20, 2020
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Designated Lesbian Lover; girls who plan to get married (or just date) after a period of time of being single
Samantha: "In ten years if I'm not married yet will you be my DLL?"
Rebecca: "Sure!"
by underhr November 10, 2017
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A DLL is a very attractive male usually in college and also in a Fraternity. Below are the main characteristics of your typical DLL
1. 6' and above
2. Tone/Muscular
3. Perfect teeth
4. Blessed with a cute name
5. Brown/Blonde hair
6. Green/Blue eyes
7. Clean cut & Shave
8. That Jawline
9. Eyebrows on fleek
10. Knows how to dress
11. Good Personality (aka Not a fuck boy)
12. Possibly a few tattoos
13. Got to have that "Flow"

If you ever encounter a guy that is blessed with these characteristics, understand that he was sent from the Gods and you need to snatch that shit up before its too late.
Hanna: "Do you know that guy over there in the hat?"
Rory: "Yes, Jackson. He has the sexiest green eyes and is to ripped. Could a DLL (daddy long legs) except...."
Hanna: "What?"
Rory: "He's a Soul eater".
Hanna: "Damn Gingers, fucking things up"
Rory: "What a scrub. Common, lets dip the fuck on outta here"
by clarkey98 September 25, 2016
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Daddy Long Legs someone who is freakishly tall with mile long legs.
Wow he is such a DLL thank he makes a tree look short.
by BabyHands101 June 4, 2020
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