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24 definitions by Izzy

To flick a woman's (or man's) breast with the index finger.

Dubbed "bean dip" because the move is similar to that of scooping up bean dip.
I flicked that fat guy's manboob and said "Bean dip!" so he'd understand the motion.
by Izzy April 3, 2004
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pure evil! torture for teenagers who want to pass high school, and get into college.
I need to pass chemistry to get into college.
by Izzy May 22, 2004
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the deriare of the chickinaire
by Izzy January 7, 2003
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(.)(.) are my fave veggies
You have nice coloured (.)(.)
Wow your (.)(.) are massive!
by Izzy September 1, 2004
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Slate blue porcupine of the stoner variety.
Drugs are baaaaad.
by Izzy July 17, 2003
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Amazing department store in partnership with Waitrose
'I is to be goin to John Lewis for me new thong'
by Izzy June 3, 2005
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the polite form of the phrase "dick head"
Hey dig, you best stop talkin' shizznit!
by Izzy March 20, 2003
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