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Well it’s complicated when a beautiful girl thinks she isn’t and constantly seeks affirmation because it wears on the image,Andrea is a beautiful and honest person yet doesn’t believe how everything but her complex is extremely awesome we all wish she would embrace her awesomeness and leave any doubt of her beauty behind so she would fully enjoy what a gift to humanity she really is!
Dammit don’t voice the Andrea complex it kills the vibe!
by IwasThereAndSeenitForMyself November 09, 2019
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buffalo clearcut is sneaking up behind a un aware victim and punching them so hard in the asshole it results in fisting of a disgustingly deep nature their tongue hangs out they blow snot bubbles and
I gave that motherfucker a buffalo clearcut he stole like 500 bucks so now he sits at home with a diaper on for about a month now I heard
by IwasThereAndSeenitForMyself November 20, 2018
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To “clobber the skank” one must be doggy style and find the closest heavy object to wack the skank over the head and while they are unconscious place said object in skanks butthole.

quickly put your clothes on and leave never to be seen again.
I found out my ex was cheating on me and I couldn’t help but clobber the skank with a flashlight from her night stand ! I turned it on and shut off the lights after I got my clothes back on so I could see my excape route!
by IwasThereAndSeenitForMyself October 27, 2018
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One’s butter mop is your hairy ball sack that you swipe across that gooey mess between her nether regions and clean it up after you’re done fucking a lovely bitch you submitted your manbutter excessively all over 👍
We ran out of moist towelettes and I had to use my butter mop to clean up that mess of manbutter because she would’ve been dripping all the way to the shower
by IwasThereAndSeenitForMyself March 24, 2018
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When a person is larger than big boned and more than simply obese or a fatass they are big enough to burn diesel !!!
Damn you see that bitch she was fucking huge she’s big enough to burn diesel !

I wouldn’t want to be under that for any reason.
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When during sex the person on top grabs the sheet and flaps their arms like a bird to cool the couple
When is hot as fuck and you’re getting it on...it’s birdycool to flap the sheet around like a bird to cool you off seriously quite soothing.
by IwasThereAndSeenitForMyself February 23, 2019
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