Man butter is what comes out of your penis after masterbation or sex. Also known as sperm or jizz!
Whip that man butter of your face you stupid slut!
by Adam Tinker July 27, 2004
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Smooth butter from the bucket with a cock on it...that rooster has got a huge pecker ^_^
No little Jimmy, only your Mom can have my Man Butter.
by Cyruz August 02, 2004
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a man who is so sleazy and slippery, that when he fucks chicks he skips the fore play, and sticks his buttered up cock striaght into the depth of the victoms pussy, no friction, she doesnt even have to be in the mood

man butter never waits!
girl "nah i'm not really feeling in the mood tonight"
man butter "ahhhhhhhh ahah you dont need to be i am man butter let me slip my potient slippery cock in you NOW!
girl "fuck"
by Ligtenberg October 10, 2008
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