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when a person makes his/her potential sex partner to graphically describe everything about the promised sexual act, and then never talk/chat back to them.
Likely used for self stimulation in chat rooms.
I am not into head-games
by Indigo March 6, 2005
Something that belittles or possibly implies evil
Calling someone a nitwit is pejorative.
by Indigo October 3, 2003
An inexplicable problem or condition happening in a system.
A glitch in the code gave Bob twenty-six free months of AOL.
by Indigo November 11, 2003
the condition on the internet resulting from netspeak and leetspeak or 1337sp34k resulting in grammar being so badly mangled that it no longer effectively resembles grammar.

The condition of horror in the heart and mind of a person raised to respect and appreciate good grammar upon encountering thusly mangled grammar.
A lot of chat rooms on AOL and IRC, especially those populated by young kids and/or teenagers, suffer from profound grammangulation.
by Indigo November 11, 2003
(Verb) To reduce to an object (usually some type of technology or structure) to unrecognizable debris through the use of excessive firepower.

Came into favor among online players of Descent, though they were a small sub-group of the online community and it didn't really catch on. Occasionally still used as an alternative to frag, but with the implication of pwned.
"Watch your defense next time or I'll slag your base just for fun..."
by Indigo April 17, 2004
Lesbian sex, primarily where orgasm is achieved by both parties rubbing their genitals together. Usually used when in the presence of those who might find a more straight forward proposition objectional.
"Wanna come back to my place for a game of flats?"
by Indigo April 11, 2005
Immegrated American of a non-white race.
Says Prof. Bhagwati(an Indian American): I feel loyal to both the countries. One is the country of my origin and the other my destination. That is true of most people today. I think people are quite happy to be hyphenated Americans.
by Indigo February 24, 2005