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A pokediction is someone who is obsessed with pokemon. If you think you have a pokediction, it might just be a strong desire, but you'll probably grow out of it, but for someone who has a pokediction, it can take for a darker turn. For example, if you are constantly thinking about pokemon non stop, having dreams about pokemon, having fantasies of pokemon, replacing your spare time playing or watching pokemon instead of doing something else, and having lots of merchandise of anything pokemon related that could indicate that you are showing a strong desire and could take a brake. A pokediction is like any other addiction; it takes time and determination to get rid of it. So if you find yourself subconsciously thinking about it or having the urge to play it and/or watch it, or any other of these symptoms, then you most likely have an addiction. If you are tired of this addiction or its interfering with your life, you should take some self therapy and look for something more better to do.
Guy1 - "Man, Guy2 must have an obsession with pokemon, he's always talking about it and asking us to play the trading card game with him!"

Guy3 - Heh, I know right. I wonder if he's okay?

Guy2 - H-hey, Guy1 and Guy3! Guess what? The new legendary pokemon just came out! I am so going to read the bulbapidia to see it's location for I can get it in Pokemon Orange addition!

Guy1 - ... ...... ..........

Guy3 - Yup, he's got a pokediction.

GameFreak® - Hehe..yes he does, yes he most certainly does *Smirks*
by AManWhoLikesRPG's July 08, 2015
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