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An unnecessary name for slash (/), denoted with the same key that is used for the question mark (which requires the use of the SHIFT key when pressing that button, and the slash is that button without SHIFT). The backslash (\) is differentiated by the "back" in its name (the button just above the ENTER key), and it is essentially a different "slash." The "forward" slash leans "forward" in the sense of reading from left to right.

But really a forward slash is just a goddamn slash.
Person 1: "OK the web address for my awesome site is http colon forward slash forward slash www dot awesomesite dot com."

Person 2: "Dude, you can just say 'slash.' Really you can just say 'awesomesite dot com' and I'll get it."
by Slashtion Jackson April 22, 2011
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