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An international consortium of charlatans, thieves, and extortionists who rip off their client nations (especially the US) using corrupt business practices and the unholy power of money. A mafia of nations that cuts back its production to drive up prices.
We should declare war on OPEC, invade them, annihilate them, and take them over through force.

Kill 'em all!
by Iggy Hazard January 16, 2004

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The liberating power of mayhem. Someone or something imbued with the power of mayhem.

Anti-order. Anti-peace.
Cry havoc with a clenched fist of demented doom!!
by Iggy Hazard January 15, 2004

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~definition variable~

*a name: Iggy Koopa, demented child of Bowser Koopa, forth of seven Koopa Kids, wears glasses, is demented. Iggy Hazard, demented American fiend bent on destroying the forces of world order, wears glasses, is demented. Iggy Pop, demented rock star, once wore glasses, is demented.

*slang term for a demented person (an "Iggy") - usually one who wears glasses and has some form of personality/mental disorder.

*slang term for an iguana.

*verb: to commit mayhem (to "iggy" something) or to commit acts of physical slapstick comedy (to "iggy around"), see also: Jar Jar Binks.
*Iggy Koopa was iggying around with Mario's mind.

*Iggy Hazard totally iggied five people with a GE XM-214 in 'Multi Theft Auto'.
by Iggy Hazard December 10, 2003

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A system of collectivist social order based on the idea that the individual is an expendable commodity of society, the State, or a fictitious "greater good" or "greater whole." Absolute order with no chaos, variation, or freedom. Equal to or worse than fascism. Philosophy that contradicts nature yet claims to be defending the environment. Prevalent use of scapegoating, coercion, secret police, taxation, and expropriation.

Snivelling sycophants of this philosophy will use pro-worker rhetoric to gain the trust of the working class. Sameness and equality are not the same thing.
Kim Jong Il's police state proves that communism is all about absolute order.
by Iggy Hazard December 13, 2003

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Title and nickname of Santa Claus, though he is the antithesis of a Saint. Santa Claus is actually the current incarnation of the Babylonian tyrant Nimrod. Stands for commercialism and oppression.
Defy Santa. Burn all Christmas trees. Death to Nimrod!
by Iggy Hazard January 16, 2004

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Fun-loving son of Bowser Koopa. Rides a ball with a star on it. Sometimes appears cross-eyed. Sometimes uses decoys to confuzzle those pesky plumbers. Is also known as "Hip" Koopa.
Lemmy bonked Luigi on the head with his ball, causing him to fall off Yoshi's back.
by Iggy Hazard December 12, 2003

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One who stands united with their bretheren. Love for one's people (regardless of race or class). Often confused with delusions of supremacy do to misuse of term. An individual member of a "greater whole" striving for a common ideal. In the American sense, this ideal is anti-collectivist, anti-fascist, and pro-liberty.
A patriot realizes that sometimes liberty can only be achieved through mayhem. Israel Uber alles!
by Iggy Hazard December 13, 2003

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