A basic human right in the US constitution. Would life really be worth living if you can't blow the brains out of every gay, muslim and black that passes our ranch? How else will gangstas cap whiteys' ass?All that's left is to restore the last important right, the right to arm bears.
70,000 Americans are shot every year. In the UK, where guns are banned, the number is around 5. Which means in the USA you are 14,000 times more likely to be shot each year. If you call that self defense, you better see someone.

The right to bear arms is written here so this can be sent to UD.
by Fat Fee July 2, 2010
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The 2nd and most controversial ammendment to the Constitution. It is part of the bill of rights.

1) The right to have bear-like arms

2) The right to own a firearm

3) The right to shoot a bear and put its arms on the wall

4) The most confusing thing in the world
1) Damn! Halloween is so much better now that I have the right to wear bear arms. I'm going to scare everybody!

2) Martha, I'z goin' a shoot me a crocodillio or a deer for our dinna' cause I gots the right to bear me some arms.

3) Since I have the right to bear arms, I might as well mount this petrified bear on the wall.

4) What were our forefathers thinking when they gave us the right to bear arms? Maybe they never thought it was possible for something this vauge to be misinterperated.
by POMLOVE May 19, 2006
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