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A person that should burn to hell forever. They don't even deserve to die. They should just be tortured forever. They are a fucking mindless human being that shows how many idiots there are in this world. A Zoophile is worse that a Rapist. They are raping and torturing poor helpless animals. I cannot believe what is happening right now. Many people take this as a joke but it is a REALLY FUCKING BIG PROBLEM WAKE UP PEOPLE. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. THEY ARE LITERALLY FUCKING ANIMALSSS
Person 2- I completely agree
by Ig08 January 31, 2022
Red crewmate is a character in among us and he is always sus
Red Crewmate is also called Red
Blue: Red is sus.
Red Crewmate: NO!!!
by Ig08 December 3, 2020
The best strategic game in the world!!! Available on Steam
Mom: OMG Why are you playing Total War: Rome II ALL day!!!
by Ig08 December 3, 2020
Karen is someone (usually a female) who is easily offended by everything. Karens are very aggressive and they complain about everything. Almost every Karen doesn't wear a mask because she thinks ts useless or she says that she can't breathe. Please don't be a Karen.
Cashier: The total will be 10$
Karen: OMG it's too expensive can I talk to your manager?
by Ig08 December 4, 2020
When you have no more ideas but you want to make a new word in Urban Dictionary.
What is the best colour i the alphabet? You are wright! It is hergvieonrgcyriibc
by Ig08 December 3, 2020
BTS is a korean group of young singers and they are very good at singing
Someone: Did you listen to the new song called Dynamite by BTS?
Someone else: Of course!!! It is amazing!!!
by Ig08 December 3, 2020
Tommy: Blue Premium Bond
by Ig08 April 17, 2021