A sexy lad with a banging personality , everyone likes him because he is funny and popular.
Wow who is he?

Can't you see? He's a matas!
by Spicy lettuce March 05, 2017
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Another word for describing urethritis, probably because the original hebrew word "mts" was used to describe a sexually crippled person.
Idiot1: OMG, you got the matas !
Idiot2: I hate matas ! Matas is so annoying !
by Yopash July 03, 2008
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He is usually that type of guy to act cool and have girls round him. He acts hard but secretly adores unicorns and rainbows.....
Girl1: what you up to Matas
Matas: *reading unicorn books* Nothing just thinking hot to beat up my ex friend.
by wjevucevrhikhcv May 04, 2018
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A dude who calls everyone else gay but secretly gets with dudes on the down low.
Person: Matas did you gw that dude?
Matas: I dont have to justify myself to you!
by Danny Raff June 08, 2018
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