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a state of ultimate chill and relaxation.

See chill, relax
I was at home chillaxin' like a fiend
by Chris da Homie January 11, 2004
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simply a word to describe an ultimate feeling of relaxation and chilled outness
i would love to make an effort but im chillaxing
by sandy bobby May 05, 2007
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relaxing and achieving calm simultaneously. Source: context from use by Karith Foster post on Facebook. May not be primary origin.
I am finally chillaxing, after a massive week of double shifts at work, sipping a perfect mimosa on the patio watching the hummingird birds from my chaise longue
by Cream Abdul jaBeer March 10, 2009
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This is a cross between chilling and relaxing. It means to stay calm while doing those extra things that relax you.
I'm sitting at the house just chillaxing in front of the TV drinking a bear.

Or it can be used as a single word to mean taking it easy doing-you.
e.g. Hey butterfly beautiful what you doing? "Chillaxing"
by Butterfly's Man June 28, 2011
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