a state of ultimate chill and relaxation.

See chill, relax
I was at home chillaxin' like a fiend
by Chris da Homie January 11, 2004
simply a word to describe an ultimate feeling of relaxation and chilled outness
i would love to make an effort but im chillaxing
by sandy bobby May 5, 2007
relaxing and achieving calm simultaneously. Source: context from use by Karith Foster post on Facebook. May not be primary origin.
I am finally chillaxing, after a massive week of double shifts at work, sipping a perfect mimosa on the patio watching the hummingird birds from my chaise longue
by Cream Abdul jaBeer March 11, 2009
Chillaxing is when u have smoked so many cones or bongs as some may call it, and all u can do is sit about and stare....but while doing this u are content...u r chillaxing
Simon spends all his time chillaxing he never has time for his girlfriend.
by chilaxer 2009 March 6, 2009
i was chillaxing in my living room when a duck passed thru!
by Aoipau November 8, 2006
Chill + Relaxing
Used to describe music or an overall atmosphere :)
This Jazz song is so chillaxing !
by aandrei March 5, 2017