9 definitions by Ican2

Its sad how much shitty and worthless definitions there are about asia, anyways Asia is a continent, its also very big
Asia's largest countries are Russia and China
by Ican2 June 28, 2022
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Its a room where u put children in
I've got 7 children in my basement
by Ican2 May 25, 2022
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When you scream so loud when watching a horror move your voice starts to get distorted
Oh man this is a good horror movie but... AAAAAAAAAAAAAÆ
by Ican2 January 19, 2022
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The greatest animals on this planets
I love snails even though they are slow I still love them
by Ican2 June 16, 2022
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To be lied to.
Everyone keeps saying that morbius is the best movie in existence but when I went to the theaters, it was dumpster fire. So I got Pinocchio'd
by Ican2 August 31, 2022
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