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26 definitions by Humpty

To have a grievance with someone, especially where one feels the need to seek damaging retribution.

The phrase probably originates from the act of sharpening an axe with a grinding wheel, with the intent (in this definition) to get revenge on someone by maiming or killing them. ;)
"Five years ago that guy stole my idea for an invention and made tons of money off it! I've had an axe to grind with him ever since. My latest invention will put him out of business for sure, you'll see! Muwahahahaha!!"
by Humpty February 27, 2007
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The youngest of 4 girls who turns out to be the freakiest of them all! Ugly Duckling.
Dang, that's an ugly pigeon!

No, it's a Babylin
by Humpty September 18, 2003
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The epitome of online Mercedes enthusiasm.
I love Mercedes...

Oh, so you're on BNZSport then!
by Humpty September 16, 2003
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Joint Young Adult Group. A group of Young Adult Christian believes in the bay area.
Let's go to JYAG!

We can check the times on
by Humpty September 16, 2003
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Put some mayonaise on the knuckle sandwich, shake hands with uncle dick
I was putting some mayonaise on my knuckle sandwich when my mom walked in
by Humpty August 18, 2003
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A friend that doesn't call you back even after she says she's going to.
Karebear: I'll call you back ok?

Humpty: Ok, bye!

Humpty waits forever...
by Humpty September 18, 2003
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Mahoonies, titties, boobs. Denniskaicheng style.
That girl has looooonnnnnggg....

Long what Dennis?

Long Sideburns!
by Humpty November 3, 2003
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