26 definitions by Humpty

A shorted way of saying Hello! Often used when you just want to be cute.
by Humpty September 16, 2003
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An awkward moment of silence when no one has anything to say which occurs after seven minutes of conversation.
My date and I were chatting really well then, out of the blue, the seven minute silence hit; bummer.
by Humpty December 29, 2004
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to be moved and shaken to motivate and stimulate
STIR in me a fire that the world cannot explain
I come to worship you
by Humpty October 9, 2003
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completely expose and engulf in full glory of light and righteousness
by Humpty October 9, 2003
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see wordlong sideburnsword
Love those mahoonies!
by Humpty November 3, 2003
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Put some mayonaise on the knuckle sandwich, shake hands with uncle dick
I was putting some mayonaise on my knuckle sandwich when my mom walked in
by Humpty August 18, 2003
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Joint Young Adult Group. A group of Young Adult Christian believes in the bay area.
Let's go to JYAG!

We can check the times on www.jyag.org
by Humpty September 16, 2003
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