26 definitions by Humpty

Mahoonies, titties, boobs. Denniskaicheng style.
That girl has looooonnnnnggg....

Long what Dennis?

Long Sideburns!
by Humpty November 3, 2003
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Living Stones Fellowship. The shiz of Christian YA fellowships in the Bay Area
Shoot man, I'm rolling 20 deep to LSF, foo....
by Humpty September 18, 2003
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He's the man, he's COMAND, he's Teleaid, he's BNZSport.
by Humpty September 18, 2003
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A tasty treat. One whos rubs male leg up and down as well as slaps cheek.

Often mistaken for Mexican, Philipino, Samoan, or Cherokee Indian
Are you baking cookies again?

No, I ran outta bsugar!

Oh, why don't you take some of this guy?

You mean the amigo?
by Humpty September 18, 2003
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A fallen place of community, friends, and commom spirit.
benzsport will always live on in out hearts
by Humpty September 16, 2003
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