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No easier way to put it other than getting busted smoking, selling, possessing or cultivating weed.
Richard Polk: "Can we do something else? I am Boulder City Council member, I'm embarrassed."

Me: "Hey, is that the guy who sells Birkenstocks on the mall?"

Richard Polk: "I know this does not make it better. But if you look at the 'stuff,' it is low grade 'stuff.'"

Me: "That guy just got weed whacked."
by Hullabaloo September 28, 2006
Believe it or not, this is not a prescription drug but the phonetic spelling of the ebonic version of "pencil."

Often heard in southern region of the United States where both pyonzyls and education are in short supply. Pyonzyls in the deep south are rarely used for writing but more often found stuck in the ceiling of high school classrooms and in the side of the necks of homie's or bro's of those who say 'pyonzyl.'
Brother: "Hey mah, can I borra pyonzyl?"

Kid: "whatcha need one for?"

Brother: "So I can poke a hole in dis lautha chair!"
by Hullabaloo April 19, 2006
A derogatory term reserved for the modern day punk rocker. The term is obviously derived from "Buck Rodgers."

The Punk Rodgers feel that they are too cool for school and has a tendancy to pick on the Hot Topic crowd and their music. Punk Rodgers likes every stinking underground band spotlighted in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll.

Punk Rodgers' refer to me as the Grinch because I steal their girlfriend like I stole their Christmas.
"Fuck you Punk Rodgers--I was Punk Rock when you were still chewing on crayons!"
by Hullabaloo April 23, 2006
Similar to elephant line used in fraternity initiations. The game consists of guys walking around in a circle at least half-naked whilst each has a thumb up the ass of the guy in front of him and the other in their own mouth. Similar to musical chairs someone stops the music and then everyone comes to a sudden halt. If any frat boy's thumb is dislodged from the other guy's anus he must then switch his thumbs until he is out of clean ones. No more clean thumbs and you are out of the game.
Dude: "I am going to FSU because the frats there play with elephants 'n' shit."

Me: "You are gonna go play with elephant shit?"

Dude: "Some elephant game or some shit."

Me: "Yeah, you are perfect for the elephant game. BTW, How long have you been sucking your thumb?"
by Hullabaloo April 27, 2006
The "tornado wake" is exercised after a night of attempted make-up sex where the girl starts to get over her issues and things get heated. When the girl's conscience gets the best of her the result is sexual frustration for you. The end result of hours penned up sexual frustration is as follows:

1. The girl falls asleep
2. The boys masturbates
3. The girl is awakened abruptly (like when a tornado is hitting your house and it is time to get some new shelter!)
4. The boy ejaculates directly into the girl's hair and eyes when she is sitting up straight up in the bed and frightened
"I am going to hell. That bitch pissed me off so bad I invented something new--the tornado wake."
by Hullabaloo April 27, 2006
A person who has a drug addled brain. Usually one who indulges in too many psychotropics. Brain is currently in a "goo" state--not to be confused with the Sonic Youth album Goo.
Me in back of dad's pick'em up truck: "Look at that guy!"

Sister: "You look like uh Gooey!!"

Dad: *SMACK*
by Hullabaloo July 15, 2006
A moment in time when one feels confident to rip a forceful fart. The result is heightened terror from feeling something warm and wet in your britches. Usually accompanied by the need to promptly excuse yourself from the social environment that would normally commend on such forceful farting.
I just shot a shart dart and now I have to choke off my pant legs on the way to the bathroom so I do not soil my socks.
by Hullabaloo August 18, 2006