Sandals worn by liberals, women in Vermont, and for some unknown reason, evangelical youth pastors trying to appeal to young adherents of Christianity.
Pastor Mike has a goatee and wears Birkenstocks--he looks like a pothead for Jesus when in reality his only addictions are online porn and energy drinks.
by Gary Vitalis February 23, 2007
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guy 1: Uhh Uhh... I take r-rubber bands around my t-shirt and stick it in my-
guy 2: Tie Dye?
Guy 1: Yes! Uhh... These are the ugly sandals that lesbians wear
Guy 2: Uhh... Birkenstocks!
*Crowd laughs*
by ♥🗺☠ May 21, 2021
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Insanely comfortable shoes. Sandals or clogs are the typical occurence, however they do produce various other types. Worn by hippie and prep alike, lauded for their comfort by all. Everyone should own at least one pair.
Dude, I'm having feet orgasms right now due to my Birks!

Me too!
by 'rado December 13, 2004
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Sandals that were made popular by butch lesbians in the 90's. You often see people wearing these with socks. They are a definite fashion don't.
Fashion victim: Those are my Birkenstocks! I love them! They are so comfortable and they go with everything!

Stacey: In what world do birkenstock's go with anything?

Clinton: Throw them out! Throw them out now!
by Gamelockedtight March 27, 2009
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shoes that hippies wear. the ever so awesome band, nofx doesnt like hippies
he's got a tye dyed rancid shirt,
he wears his birkenstocks to work,
is he a jerk? no! just confused
jeff dont wear regular shoes
by baller23423434 August 26, 2008
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the expensive clogs or sandels that are for both men and female people. They are usually around $120.00. They are also very comforable and are really preppy. Every big prep should have them.
The Birkenstocks are like the best shoes ever
by Andretheprep November 12, 2005
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Ugly ass shoes that hippies or preps wear usually with bluejeans, and are retarded enough to pay over 100$, wear them on a day it's going to rain, then complain to everyone about them getting wet. The also make feet smell horiffic. if you see somebody wearing these tell them to keep them on.
Prep: " omgz, I like, can't believe these got wet! I had to hurry to class, and I slipped in the halls, and my feet are wet, so feel sorry for me!"
by Tracy M August 5, 2005
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