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A piping hot dump that you take in the middle of the summer (sometimes extending out into Indian summer) while in an outdoor public setting.
Holy sh*t, dude. Someone just sprayed a hot summer's deuce all over that f*cking Porta John!

Middle of the summer and you have a ripe case of swamp ass, perhaps you are out cutting grass or attending a baseball game. Suddenly the uncontrollable dump sensation sets in and you scurry to the restroom but don't make it and the dump falls out onto the ground.
by HotDeuceUniversity July 25, 2013

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A dump brought on by drinking coffee or after a large meal. Also used as a descriptive term for piss poor or half assed work.
"Dude that coffee made me drop a Hot Deuce in the toilet"

"This email looks like a f'ing Hot Deuce"

You're on the way to the airport, when suddenly something starts to boil deep within your soul. You sink into the taxi's back seat and begin to sweat. Of course. You know the feeling well. It's a HOT DEUCE.
by HotDeuceUniversity July 25, 2013

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The act of pumping ones breasts after birthing a bastard
Sarah is titty fapping in the mothering room at work.

Crystal needs to start titty fapping or those Warlocks are going to explode
by HotDeuceUniversity August 05, 2016

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Masturbating proudly after a huge accomplishment. Form and posture of this Fap should be similar to that of a man standing on a mountain top, one hand held victoriously overhead and the other slow rubbing below.
Billy finally quit his job today, afterwards witnesses saw him standing on the hood of his car doing a Victory Fap.
by HotDeuceUniversity September 02, 2016

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Masturbating with wildly uncontrolled emotion.
After copious amounts of cocaine and porn Cliff began Fapping Hysterically in the corner.

I was Fapping Hysterically all night listening to Adele's new single.
by HotDeuceUniversity August 16, 2016

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The rhythmic act of fapping whilst dancing
Some would say it's a spiritual dance but others refer to it as fap dancing.

Billy fap danced to beat it by Michael Jackson
by HotDeuceUniversity August 06, 2016

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Something that happens by chance whilst fapping.
John was cranking down full throttle and Linda walked in by fappenstance; impressed by his tenacity she jumped in to ride his glory clutch.
by HotDeuceUniversity August 06, 2016

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