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The act of being/acting in a homosexual way before the age of 99

Punishable by death

Read more in (Donaldxjoe an lovers to enemies story) on Wattpad
Man 1: bro I had gay sex last night

Man 2: bro that’s illegal because your not 99 yet

Man 1: please don’t kill me for being homo before 99
by Homob499 February 1, 2022
A great book on Wattpad about a boy who’s mom is to much of a slutty whore to take care of him. So he grows up to be an asshole and tortures his siblings for fun. He is very sexist ageist homophobic transphobic racist etc.

Please read it
“What are you reading?”

“Joeys sex life 101 on Wattpad by tiddieboobies.”

“Dude you have such great taste.”
by Homob499 February 2, 2022
The action of shoving a man’s spine through his own throat as a way of killing him.
“Nooo Batman don’t spine throat me!”

I already did. Get pranked bozo.”

*gets spine throating
by Homob499 February 1, 2022
He is from stone curch
“Hey where do you live?”
Stone curch”
Stone church boy
by Homob499 November 23, 2022
A charter from a great book on Wattpad where he starts dating Tarare. Together they almost kill each other one too many times. His main use of self defence is spine throating. Where he shoves a mans spine through his own neck. Things we know about Batman are as follows:

Batman doesn’t acc like tartare there’s a hacker that’s falling in love with him through bataman

Batman’s last name is notthesuperhero

Batman’s packing🥵🥵
Batman has a prank YouTube Channel
Batman is scared of walked in closets
Batman’s goes for spines while fighting
Batman has mpd (cannon)
Batman’s favourite movie is kidnapped 5 dog days

Batman is a yandere

Batman instead of cumming overloads
A body snatcher
Can posses people
Has superpowers
Holy shit dude why is your spine through your throat?”

“I called Tarare gay so Batman spine throated me :(“
by Homob499 February 1, 2022
Markus is a mad lad. He’s a inter dimensional being who can go anywhere at anytime he wants to.

He’s Australian loves prawns and shits himself 24/7

The only cure to his shitting is a Taco Bell Iv which doesn’t actually help it just makes him barf and shit himself.

It’s also important to note he’s a tyrant in specific universe’s causing him to kill people who don’t consent.

One of his many timelines is explored in Detroit become human where he meets his robot lover semen the only one he loves more then himself.

Another one of his timelines is explored in nuclear butterfly. A book on hiatus by tiddieboobies on Wattpad

The most important thing about Markus is after the events of Detroit become human he needs a place to store his people. Finding assholes to be the best place he uses his inter dimensional powers in search for the perfect asshole. Problem is Markus can’t colonize an asshole without consent causing him to live a life where the only asshole he gets is his robot lovers semen.

Another timeline is explored in the book reflections on Wattpad. A terrible book where the main characters are straggots #gayrighys
“Markus what are you doing here?”

“Can I pleasseeee turn your asshole into Jericho? I’ll give you a prawn?”


Kill yourself cunt”
by Homob499 February 1, 2022
A girl from a shitty book about knowing when you’re gonna die. Cant remember the name tho. Unfortunately she’s living a lie and actually has died Multiple times. The reasons as to how are as followed

-gonna get run over

-almost got shot (multiple times)
-car crash
-suplexed by erik
-zerik come and stabs her with a butter knife

-dies from eating to much
-kills herself with pillow

-drowns in a tub
-fucked by Colton

-Eats to many instruments

-death by stomach
“Hey you hear of that ugly failed abortion spy shit thing girl?”

“Oh you mean iris?”

“Yeah that pair of tits”
by Homob499 February 1, 2022