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v. To back out or resign under mounting scrutiny and/or criticism.
Having been caught in in a compromising situation with the office intern, Johnny Rumsfelded himself out of trouble by taking a job at another company.
by HobieKopek November 09, 2006
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The day, as prophesied by the noted clairvoyant, Urstradamus, when bears will rise from their underground metropolis and destroy human civilization once and for all. According to prophecy none will be spared but the reverent.
The bearpocalypse is nigh! Repent or don't; either way you're going to be mauled to death, pitiful biped.
by HobieKopek April 13, 2007
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Any disease, illness or similar affliction that is spread from metrosexual man to metrosexual man by means of excessive grooming, preening, gelling, shaving, clipping, by manicure, pedicure, or any other such styling done under the guise of hygiene.
I just found out why Jes is out of the office today. He caught a metrosexually transmitted disease from his mani-pedi at the shady salon around the corner.
by HobieKopek June 05, 2009
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As predicted by the sage Urstradamus, the ursine society that will be brought about after the bearpocalypse. It will be the first major bear society of its size to flourish above ground since bears gave stewardship of the Earth's surface to humans some tens of thousands of years ago.
After bears wipe the face of the earth clean of humans, they will build a massive beartopia on the ruins of man's society. All will be glorious.
by HobieKopek June 14, 2007
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The complicated act of making a bowel movement through the fly of one's backwards pants.
The Kriss Kross Dump is an Extreme Dumping Sports move with a high difficulty rating due to the low rate of clean execution.
by HobieKopek August 01, 2006
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The location at which the final judgement/battle of the bearpocalypse will take place.
Pitiful humans! None shall be spared at Bearmageddon.
by HobieKopek June 14, 2007
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Noted bear oracle of the early to mid 16th century. Made famous by his scrolls bearing pin-point accurate predictions of future events including world leaders, wars, famine, the bearpocalypse and professional sporting events.
So it has been written, so it has happened. Urstradamus hath predicted, and it hath come to fruition.
by HobieKopek April 13, 2007
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