To give someone anal sex at an unexpected time, or place. Perfect for those special moments.
A: Me and my gf had a really romantic date last night. Saw titanic.
B: nice
A: yeah, and then when that stupid boat sank, i gave her surprise buttsecks!!!1 kekekekeekk
B: WTF??
by the real rick james December 06, 2005
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When the spy, featured on the PS3, and PC game, Team Fortress 2, attempts to stab you (one of the 8 other male characters) in the back, but instead, gives you "Surprise Buttsecks" after, the trending songs and videos on YouTube.
*The Blue Scout, is defeating the red team when suddenly-*
by TeamFortress2Fangirl March 05, 2012
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When going at it like dogs, the penis, moving quickly, then ejects from the vagina and enters the anus, often resulting in pain and extreme terror/pleasure.

Often to calm the victim of this "surprise", the penetrator yells

"SURPRISE BUTTSECKS!!" in a vain attempt to make light of this magical , yet, often horrible experience.
Man: Oh yeah baby

Woman: Harder!
Man: opps i slipp.....
Woman: Ow. OWWWWW!!!!!!!
Man: Surprise Buttsecks!!!!!!
Woman: this date is over! Bus driver let me off here!!!!!!
by The Poonman July 02, 2009
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If someone denies you anal all you have to do is take it from them. It's not rape if you say surprise!

They will enjoy the pleasure so much they will show you their tears of joy

If they cry, use the tears as lubrication or as a punishment use no lube at all.
Surprise Buttsecks:

Guy: Baby, can I stick it in your pooper?
Girl: No because it will hurt.
Guy: I'll be gentle, I'll go slow.
Girl: I said no, I told you to stop asking.
Guy: Oh well......SURPRISE!!
Girl: OMG! , STOP!, NO!
Guy: When you say no, all I hear is, "No don't stop"
Girl: This is rape!
Guy: I said surprise and it's not rape if you say surprise.
by Siimp January 23, 2010
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