An animal that moves about on two feet.
An Ostrich is a biped, and so is a human.
by sayrock August 26, 2017
A different way of saying the word "snipe"
"Yo bro, I'm finna bipe dis fool"
by *bipe bipe* October 22, 2018
a homemade pipe made from a plastic bottle and tin foil (which is used for the bowl). Used by high school kids when they can't get to papers, bongs, or pipes.
"Hey, lets hit that bipe before we go to Liz's party!"
by Bipe Guy May 1, 2008
A wipe used to clean your balls. Similar to baby wipes, but primarily intended to wipe nasty sweaty balls.
Yo - she said she'll blow me behind the cafateria. Quick, hand me a bipe, my balls are really sweaty!

Touch me again and I'll use your face as a bipe Bryan!

That tie looks dirty Bryan. Looks kinda bipey.
by magoodah September 22, 2014
Bipes is the action of suffering from major mood swings in a bipolar fashion usually associated with severe weirdness/idiocy.
His bipes are flaring up.

He's having a major bipes episode.

He's biping all over the place.
by John Johnners December 10, 2013
Someone who scrounges on others just because they are lazy asf themselves and don’t want to work for what they want to get.
Tom sits around all day doing nothing but scrounges everything from his parents.

What a fucking biped
by ChanelUnderwear November 22, 2020
A person who's bipolar as fuck. But also so fucking rude and mentally ill
is that Mel?

ya she's a bipe
by maddiesmithlovesu June 14, 2018