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Small, hidden, magical faries that come in after you are done taking a test and change your right answers to wrong ones. The reason "no child left behind" exists.
Man, if it were'nt for those HOMEWORK FARIES I would've gotten an "A" on that test, but they changed my answers so I got a "C"
by Hippo May 20, 2004

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The greatest hero in the history of the Empire. A feared adversary of Rebels everywhere.
Zippy pwnzors you!
All fear Zippy, Lord of the Sith!
Zippy! Zippy! The Imperial horse thingy!
by Hippo February 07, 2005

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when you're too poor to afford a dildo so you have to improvise and just stick your fingers in your vagina.
i was fingering all night it felt real good and i got all horny.
by hippo February 18, 2005

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To take a mega large crap in the toilet. The kind that splashes water back up.
Naaa man, I can't come... I gots to go drop of the kids at the pool.
by hippo November 21, 2003

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